Full Project – An assessment of job satisfaction on labour turn over

Full Project – An assessment of job satisfaction on labour turn over

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The prosperity of every organization be it private or public depend largely upon the effectiveness utilization of Human resources is vital to success of all organization. In order to recognize that individual labour have their goals and objective of coming to wont enabling environment must be establish to help the labour salsify their moistures as they work daily Business And public enterprise are organs of social on economic purpose by satisfying community and individual that is all organization must satisfy the existence and its Authority only by their Economic and social result they produce thus organization turn over must be a good working environment that will make labor an achieve that satisfy one because organization in today society are the means through which individual work find achievement and satisfaction. The researcher is motivated to achievement and satisfaction the researcher is motivated to conduct this research in order to have more information about how Assessment of job satisfaction can’ lead to labour turn over on management efficiency.




Below are the problems the researcher intend the statement of the problem of this research work is to examine the effect of the assessment of job satisfaction on Labour turn over in first bank PLC Bida. With a view of finding an everlasting solution to the problems.

The following are the problems of research find out during the course of investigation.


Below are the objectives of the study

  1. To investigate the extent of job satisfaction and the problem on labour turnover of the staff of first Bank PLC, Bida
  2. To know the effect of organization efficiency and the ability of a firm to meet a set standard of object to provide the staff what they want.
  • To gain an insight into the problem of jobs satisfaction as an instrument of increasing labour turnover.
  1. To find out the causes of job satisfaction among the staffs of first

Bank PLC, Bida.


  1. To uncover the strength and wetness of Frustration In an organization turnover and growth.
  2. To discover better way of achieving Job satisfaction or eliminating frustration.
  • The inability of the manager to link satisfaction to individual performance.
  • Lack of proper satisfaction by workers reduces their moral standards.
  • The problem of salary increment across the table of all employee or workers irrespective of their previous payment will not change performance.
  • The poor management leads to an inability of an organization having a sat standard objective to provide the worker what they want. In an organization turn over and growth.


  1. How can organization managers links rob satisfaction directly to performance on Labour turnover?
  2. Can salary increment of labours/worker enhance Labour turnover?
  3. What one the effects of Job satisfaction on organization turnover?


  1. Will the performance of top management to the Lower management ensure Job satisfaction and hence Lead to achievement of organization objectives?


  1. The significance of the study cannot be over emphasizing because; it will help management to solve the problem of Job satisfaction and labour turnover.
  2. This research will also be of great benefit to the student of management in realizing the problems of job satisfaction Labour turn over.
  3. This research finding will serve as the base for further research work related to this aspect of research in future.


The study is limited to one aspect of personnel position as in private. That is the problem job satisfaction on labour turn over in an organization. In the course of conducting the research, the encountered numerous constraints which are discussed


  1. Lack of finds:- fund is one of the “major constraints the researcher encounter while conducting the researches work, because there was efficient money to take care of all expenses in the course of conducting the research work property. Such as money for text book, writing material transport fare etc
  2. The constraint: Another problem face by the researcher is efficient time in carrying out the researcher work adequately and it is due to failure by respondent that is the staff in the organization.
  • Lack of relevance material:- Relevant material is also one of the constraint the researcher encountered in conducting the research work, such as update text book project material Journals etc.

Delimitation of the study

Because of the nature of the project topic and the locality of the school, the study has been restricted to first Bank Nigeria PLC, Bida branch.

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Full Project – An assessment of job satisfaction on labour turn over