Full Project – An analysis on the role of information technology in teaching and learning business education

Full Project – An analysis on the role of information technology in teaching and learning business education

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  • Background Of The Study

According to Sadie (1900), through after-ward, the future of the secondary modern school is as made break and eventuality placed out same teaching commercial secondary schools can easily come to mind such as about institution (late Okpegrammer schools) Saple, Cristian Secondary Commercial Collage, Apopae.t.c at the university level, university of Nigeria (Nsukka 1960) bared the trial, followed by university of Lagos (1961), Obafemi Awolawo University, the life (1962) and the University of Benin, which introduced business education in the early 1975.

The business teacher education programmes at degree level stated in Nigeria in 1975-1976 both the Nigerian university NSUKKA and Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and many other universities particularly in the south east geographical zone, now offer business education programmes at the lower post secondary school level. We have much great numbers of universities and colleges of education that offers business education courses with a few of the running business teachers education programme.

Nicholars (1967) refers to business education as the business subjects been taught at secondary level such as book-keeping, typewriting, shorthand, general business, business law and business studies.

However, tracing the background to business education in Nigeria business education has been in existence since the birth of man, at last in an information sense. In the preliterate society up to the modern time, people have used the business skills and knowledge informally acquired through prototype business situation and transaction, they always engaged theme selves in production exchange storing and transporting.

According to Ulanfon (1982), on one can clearly and defiantly state when the formal business education stated in Nigeria. Teachers showed that types of business education was found in the last two decades of the 19th century when some Nigeria nationals in business partnership with overseas exporters had learn sample commercial activities sune book-keeping, business education and some typing for the purpose of teaching business transaction.

According to Aliyu (2006), business education is the intellectual and vocational preparation of people for earning a living in the contemporary industries and business environments. In order words business education involve teaching students the fundamentals, theory and process of business education. In this field at several level, including secondary education and higher education or university education. Approximately 38% of students enroll in one or more business courses during, there high school tenure.

Information technology covers a board spectrum of hardware and software solution that enables organization together organize and analyze data that helps them achieve their goals, it also details technology based work flow process that expand capacity of an organization to deliver services that generate revenue.

As the information communication technology (ICT) industry evaluate to meet the technology demands to today’s work place, different challenges are using and (IT) professionals striving to meet them because of the necessity for information technology is kin with the emerging popularity of the cloud technology, many organizations are taking this up as an alternative to actual hard work using up space.

  • Statement of the Problem

Business education programme is made up of typewriting, work hand and book keeping and business studies, which are particularly in the nature and therefore call for computer we racy on the point of the teachers leaner such as (business education students)  for effective teaching and learning to the programme to meet up with the global challenges of the modern business world.

However, the situation in must schools today’s is characterized by problems faced in the accessibility and application of the computer in business education business schools and colleges. This is because to computer as an electronical tolls could be costly to acquire partial introduction of computer which complicates its application in business is a factor that is worthy for examination it needs to be remembered as well that find for computer literacy in the teaching and learning of business education to be meaningful, they should be specially trained on the part of teachers or special personnel for their operations.

  • Objectives of Study

The aim of the research is to analyze the role of information technology in teaching and learning of business education while the specific objectives are:-

  1. To determine the benefits of computer knowledge, skills to business education graduates.
  2. To determine the extent to which computer have been introduced in the curriculum of the business education.
  3. To find out the role of computer knowledge in the effective teaching and learning of business education subjects.
    • Research Questions
  4. What are the benefits of computer knowledge to business education
  5. To what extent has computer training been integrated in curriculum of business education
  6. What is the role of information, technology, in teaching and learning of business education
    • Research Hypothesis

Ho1 information technology is not relevant to student in business education

H1 information technology is relevant to student in business education

Ho2 computer programme has not integrated in the curriculum of business education

H2 computer training programme has been integrated in the curriculum of business education

Ho3 the role of information technology is not applicable in the teaching and learning of business education

H3 the role of information technology is applicable in teaching and learning of business education

  • Scope of the Study

This study was limited to the Sa’adatu Rimi collage of education and federal college of education (F.C.E) Kano, students of NCE 3 are also part and the study would also be limited to them because they may have more experience than those of NCE 1 and NCE 2 and also be able to answer question regarding to the topic.

  • Significant of the Study

The findings from this study would be of help to the education planners and administrators in planning and protecting the need for computer and administrators in planning and projecting the need for computer literacy in the curriculum of business education at all levels of education for effective learning and teaching

The research finding would serve as basis for further investigation by research gain insight into the technology friends and challenges through the findings of the study.

The research finding can also serve as a guiding for student who are learning how to work on a computer other practically or in to a theory form.

  • Definition of Terms
  • Education:- can be define as the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge’s, skills, value. Belief and habits

Educational method includes the following:-

  1. Story telling
  2. Discussion
  3. Teaching
  4. Training
  5. Direct research
  • Business education:- (John R. Mclntrr 2004) defines business education as the term that encompasses a number of method used to tech students in the fundamental business practices

Osiala (2004) define business education as an educational for business or training for business offices decrial occupation and business policy analysis.

  • Office education:- this is defined as a vocational education programme for office carrier through initial refresher and upgrading education leading to unemployment and advancement in office occupation.
  • Computer: is an electronic device that manipulates information or data it has the ability to stone retrieve and process data you may know that you can use a computer to type documents send e-mails, play game and brose web
  • Teaching:- in education, teaching is the concentrate sharing of knowledge and experience, which is usually organized with deposited and more generally the provision of stimulus to the psychological and intellectual growth to a person.
  • Learning:- According to Aeloye (2002). Learning is a relatively persisted change in an individual behavior as result if experience.
  • Information technology:- can defined as the application of computer to store, transmit and manipulate date. It is considered to be as submit of (ICT)

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Full Project – An analysis on the role of information technology in teaching and learning business education