Full Project – Design and Implementation Pharmaceutical Website

Full Project – Design and Implementation Pharmaceutical Website

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Website is usually accessible through Internet that is bringing   changes in most of our daily activities. With this change, most organizations like pharmaceuticals have website which have every information pertaining to their drugs and the purchase of their drugs online with the use of laptops, desktops and mobile phones.


Website, which is a collection of web pages, images, videos, another digital asserts hosted on one or more web-server, enables information to be reached and disseminated to every user of the website. Since website is usually accessible through Internet, it has changed the overall ways, means, mode and method of information dissemination. Like other fields, in the field of pharmaceuticals too, it has made a great impact. It has changed the overall concept of pharmaceuticals and has shown the pharmacy professionals how the information pertaining to their drugs can be disseminated to their customers at minimum cost, effort and time.


With the, fast growth and accessibility to Internet, pharmacies have to develop their websites to meet the wide information requirement of their customers. This project work will focus on the development of website for pharmaceutical which will allow users’ access to the pharmaceutical organization thus making it easier to access and search information and buy their drugs online. It will also bring about more efficient information storage, retrieval and updating in the sense that new items can be added at anytime while old ones can be changed. This web development will be carried out first by planning of sites, which includes outlining the purpose and the contents needed, this will be followed by designing of the site in which the contents, color, and graphics are being considered; thereafter, the site will be coded using a programming language and after the site has been coded, the web pages, will be uploaded to the webserver, then tested to ensure that it is working.

Finally, the website will be connected to the Internet and then maintenance will be carried out to keep it up to date.



The study area of this research work is Emzor pharmaceutical industry limited, a subsidiary of Emzor chemist Ltd which became a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in 1988. They were basically dealing on production of high quality pharmaceutical products as well as medical consumables. As at that 1988, there was introduction of Emzor paracetamol which was sold on retail. The idea to manufacture locally, came later and this was predicted on the need to develop the local capacity and create job and so, provide high quality pharmaceutical product and services to the Nigeria people at prices that are not only affordable but represent value.


As at 1987, they used to deal only on four products (drugs and medical consumables) but later there were a large range of over 50 products in the analytical methods of research for anti-malaria, anti-hermitic, antibiotics, therapeutics and vitamins / haematinic / multivitamin supplements. Everything was done manually; for instance, in terms of creating awareness for their drugs, the drugs are distributed manually throughout Nigeria and the West Africa coast. In terms of sales, the drugs are distributed from the industry to the wholesalers and then, it is the wholesalers that distribute them to the different retailers like chemists and also to some individuals. The chemists then sell the drugs to the consumers. The industry might as well, decide to distribute a particular product to one particular part of Nigeria depending on their customers’ need.



Going to pharmaceutical industries or pharmacies to purchase or order for drugs has some drawbacks that make it difficult to retrieve information. It is time consuming; for instance, if a customer of a pharmaceutical industry wants to purchase drugs or demand information pertaining to the drugs he wants to purchase, he or she has to go as far as the location of the pharmaceutical industry before he or she can purchase the drugs and gets information about the drugs.


Moreover, it is not possible to reach information to every customer. There is untimely and insufficient information to customers. For instance, if a customer needs to get information quickly from the pharmaceutical industry, he or she may not get it exactly that time it is needed because, he will have to go a far distance to get the information.


Also, if new drugs are invented, the customers of the industry do not easily know about the new drugs. But with the Internet, website can be created to consist of pharmaceutical products and information pertaining to their products. This information on the website which is connected to the Internet, will be searched by customers online, thus making it easier to access drug as well as access and retrieve information.



The objective of the project is to develop a website that will enable customers of pharmaceutical industry to purchase drugs online and also, to have access to information pertaining to the drugs. Another aim is to enable the customers to be aware of invention of new drugs and other of their products. All these are to make it easier for customers to search and retrieve information that is needed and also make it easy for the pharmacists to introduce new drugs.





The purpose of this study is to design an effective alternative of manual purchasing of drugs from pharmaceutical industries by implementing an online store that could include all the pharmaceutical products and variety of drugs so that customers can make immediate purchase without having to visit any pharmaceutical industry or pharmacy. The implementation of pharmaceutical website, will ensure saving of time, efficiency, accuracy of information as well as promoting of E-commerce.



This project will cover the development of website which consists of database of drugs and customers. It is also focusing on information about the industry, mode of sales and online shop. The drugs will be searched online by customers as well as information pertaining to the drugs.



A lot of constraints were encountered during this research. They are;

  1. Time constraint: Considering the workload of the final year studies, enough time was not dedicated to the research of this particular work.
  2. Insufficient raw materials from Internet: Some of the sites in the Internet had no relevant information to offer for this research work.

iii. Cost: It involves a lot of money to go through the research work and present an efficient work. So, due to shortage of money, some part of the work may not be efficient as it should be.



INTERNET: A global network of computer that connects millions of computer networks that use that computer.


INTRANET: Is a computer network that uses the same technology as Internet, but belong to an organization.


HTML: (Hypertext Markup Language) is a structural language used in designing a webpage.


WEBSITE: A collection of web pages arranged together to provide information, entertainment or advice that is displayed on the World Wide Web.


WWW (World Wide Web): A system in which documents (web pages) are stored in a special computer (web sender).


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol): Is the client service or server protocol that defines how messages are formulated and transmitted on the www.


NETWORK: A group of computers and associated devices that are connected by communication facilities.


GATEWAY: A software or hardware that links two computer networks or entry point to a computer network.


ONLINE: Connected to a computer network or accessible by computer.


ONLINE SHOPPING: This is the process of buying goods on the Internet using computer.


HYPERLINK: A link in the text of one webpage or site that when clicked on with a mouse, takes the user to another reference in another page or site.

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Full Project – Design and Implementation Pharmaceutical Website