Full Project – Design and Implementation of Personnel Collaboration Solution

Full Project – Design and Implementation of Personnel Collaboration Solution

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       Personnel collaboration solution is said to be the act of planning organizing, directing and controlling the procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and societal objectives are accomplished through the help of computer.

Few technological development of recent times including the development of the electronic computers have had a widespread effort on industry and the public in general. Back in 1950’s when computer were beginning to come into general use, many organization or  association saw the computer as a device that could solve all their problems hence they were quick to reap the benefit but low to comprehend the cost. Electronic computer are widely used in solving scientific, engineering and business problem ranging from simple payroll collaboration.

Electronic computer have outpaced man in the area of sped with which they retrieve information process it and communicate the results. The capacity to store vast quantities of information, retrieve information when need arises for it are some of the main reason of the computer. The computer complement the work of human system which would be safe to say that computer is an extension of human brain.

Therefore, by definition, computer is a piece of electrical electronic device which accept input in the form of data and uses a pre-define instruction known as computer program in order to produce a desirable output.

There is the need for computer where there is massive data handling and additional record that make less harmful against quick retrieval of essential information.

Many association/ organization at the moment are using computers to save time. It improves services and reduces monotonous routine work. The research is on personnel collaboration solution that is concerned with people and their relationship at work it is the responsibility of all those who manage people, as well as a description of the work of specialists.




Computer science department can best be described as the best department that I have seen so far in this very institution that is responsible for accessing and collecting records for the student and the produces the best in the world.

Therefore, form the top to operational management level of this association has the way of planning controlling and policy making or formulation. This association uses information by front line managers such as supervisors forming head clacks to ensure that the departmental met.



       Since it come to handle of large volume of information and in terms of storage facilities, accessing and retrieval speed, it is need full that the record should be processed by the computer instead of the manual methods.

The project study is all about designing an online personnel collaboration solution for the computer science department, federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, which will enable those who are interested in knowing the objectives, academic and social activities and many others, access the information from a major source. Due to lack of awareness about the computer science department activities which is worsened by unavailability of standard handbooks, proper orientation, manual way of passing information across to staffs etc.

Individual both within the campus and out side the campus are not aware of the existence and the objective of this department and how benefits and how membership are offered to staff in various disciplines and its basic problems, which this project is set to solve.



       The aims and objective of carrying this project include the following.

  • To provide unified communication
  • To delivers information in the right forma at the right time.
  • To facilitate people –to-people communication.
  • To make sure that computer science department is fully computerized in collaboration.
  • To provide accurate and flexible access of information when needed.



       After the design and implementation of this personnel collaboration solution, it is expected to contribute much towards the development of knowledge and academic skills, learning, etc and will be achieved through the following ways.

  • Provide avenue for the interaction of both students and officials within the department and outside the department.
  • Reduce information delivery delay in the department.
  • Promotion of accurate information for the public.
  • Growing information of computer technology as an education tool.
  • Demand for faculty members to be both productive researchers and quality teachers.






       The study will be based on encoding, showing the following information about the department of computer science, Federal Polytechnic Nekede, owerri.

  • To offer array of superior communication tools, including e-mail, Voice mail, calendaring and document management.
  • Optimize collaboration processes with team work spaces that boost efficiency and preserve corporate knowledge.
  • Reduce travel cost and latency with web conferencing that enable people to meet virtually.
  • Break down barriers to innovation with real- time communication, authoring and social messaging



       The limitations that I met were that of funds, getting of information about the staff of computer science department and unavailability of stable power supply (electricity). The funds needs for browsing the internet for information, getting information and materials where necessary and paying for domain registration and implementing were difficult achieve but this did not completely hinder the success and conclusion of the research work.



       The research work is in-line with many technologies which are mainly, used in the scripting, most of the terms might be confusing for novice and some uses of information systems.  Many of these terms are defined here for clarity. They include:

PERSONNEL COLLABORATION SOLUTION: It’s the part of management that is concerned with people and their relationship at work.

PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT: It’s the act of planning organizing, directing and controlling the procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and societal objectives are accomplished through the help of computer.

CLIENT: An end- user micro computer work- station which has a little or no substantial memory for data processing and storage, hence accesses the more powerful system known as the server.

COMPUTER: It is an electronic device that is capable of accepting that as inputs, process it and give out useful information which is the result.

DATA: A collection of facts, figures, clients, images, etc stored in an order that is fit to be processed.

HTML: It mean “Hypertext markup languages” it is not a programming language but it is a formatting language used to create web pages.

HOMEPAGES: The first page of a website that is retrieved when the address of a website is entered on the web.

HARDWARE: These include all the physical components of a computer system.

SOFTWARE: Are suit of program that makes the computer operate and assist the user to do work.

WEBSITE: A collection of web pages.

PROTOCOL:  A set of rules that governs communication between computers.

WEBPAGES:  The page you are seeing when on the internet.

MODERN:  An acronym for modular- demodulator. It is a device that connects digital signals into analogue signals (modulation) and also convents analogue signals to digital signals (demodulation) for communication between computers.

UPDATE: This is the process of modifying a master file with current information according to a specified procedure.

DATA SERVER: It is software that managers data in a database.

E-MAIL: It is an internet terms which means electronic mail.

PROGRAMMING: It is the name given to the art of writing detailed instructions sets or codes in a specified language, which directs the computer to carry out a specified task.

OPERATION SYSTEM: These consist of programs design to supervise the control programs and service programs.

SECUITY: This is the protection of data against unauthorized modification.

ALGORITHM: It is set of sequence of precisely stated instructions for solving particular problems.

USER –FRIENDLY:  Comprehensively to the person using the computer.

CODING: The act of expressing an algorithm or a procedure in programming language.

DEBUGGING:  It is the act of finding and collecting the errors in a computer program.

PASSWORD: It is a unique group of characters which the user of a terminal connected to a large computer, must types in order to again access to its files.

UPLOAD: It is a process of moving data from a micro- computer or terminal to a large computer.

MULTI- TASKING: It is the performance of more than on task concurrently by one user on a computer system. It enables several programs to share the use of the central processing unit CCPU and task up the under –used capacity.


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Full Project – Design and Implementation of Personnel Collaboration Solution