Full Project – Total Quality Management (TQM) as a Tool for Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

Full Project – Total Quality Management (TQM) as a Tool for Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

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Embracing the total quality management (TQM) as a tool for enhancing organizational effectiveness is the hunger of every organization or business.

The word “TOTAL” means all round, complete while “QUALITY” means goodness or worth. Quality can be seen as the ability of a product to meet the expectations of the customers and “MANAGEMENT” according to PITA EJIOFOR is the art of achievement of the broad goals of an organization.

TQM is a call for organizational effectiveness. It started spreading like a fire across the early 1980s but has been sparred as a result of quality revolution which is generally taking place all over the world. Japan appears to have taken the lead in this quality war. Thus idea “quality” first gained a nationwide status in Japan.


Quality and management as a compound word can be said to mean “the art of achieving satisfactory business result through all round goodness” all round in terms of equipment, raw materials and personnel.


This is because Total Quality Management (TQM) is that which can be applied performance enhancing total and which can be applied as well as any type of business namely (leadership, strategic planning) human resources development and management work process, management information system, external customers, employees and stakeholder and align to achieve increasing better product and services at achieve increasing completive price with minimum production or service cost.


Total Quality Management (TQM) involves doing things in an organization on the first try, rather than making and correcting mistakes by focusing things the higher cost that is associated with rework. That is the reason it related proportionally to how effectively they are involved avoiding and reducing wastages. That means that there is a direct relationship between achieving a satisfactory business result and the quality of management that is in place. TQM means striving for effectiveness of all tries, improving its standards of performance and identifying opportunity for improvement.


The quality contribution of individual workers be he a security man, message clerk, supervisor, manager etc are necessary for TQM to succeed. We must therefore measures out project by the quality of our personal and point commitment. Quality is not an act of habit said “ARISTOLE” quality is an inherent characteristic of all work that claims to be truly professional.

Conclusively, TQM is a management concept that leads to achieving the best result and the first try it stresses and doing the right things at the right time. Quality speaks for itself and as such the customers, the employee or the employer all knew when quality job is been done.



According to Anikwente (2001:4) “Rokana industries plc is a manufacturer outfit which deals on manufacturing of toiletries, households products like tooth brush and key hygienic product for the health care market. This company was incorporate on September (1978) as a private limited liability company, the registered head office is located at No.4 Adaji street of 52 Allen Avenue (next to Lagos Hilton Hotel) Ikeja Lagos while its factory is located at plot 5 mission road Umualum Nekede owerri.


Rokana currently maintain four existing manufacturing units. The plastic units: This produces toothbrushes, client at sick, plastic folder, cord holder etc.

The aerosol unit: This produces insecticides, an fresheners, perfumes, furniture, polish, deodorant etc.

The LPG unit: This refills domestic cooking gas cylinder, provides unstaunched gas etc.

The cosmetics unit: This undertakes the production of the toothpaste, baby care cosmetic, etc.


Ajhan life plc is a private limited liability company. They are the producer of table water and it is located at Uratta owerri Imo state. They also produce pure water and it is of different sizes.

When Ajhon life plc was newly established in 2006, the made use of manual ceiling machine because they were not registered but now machine there is automatic. It is the machine that fills the water and also drops them in a big bowl.



Dunhill industry ltd is a manufacturing outfit which deals on manufacturing of kernel oil, soda soap and green soap (truck soap).

This company was established on May 1998 as a private limited liability company. It is located at old road owerri imo state. This company uses palm fruit in the production of this product mention above.



Cassa paper mill is also a private limited liability company, which was established and incorporated in 1968.

This company deals on the manufacture of new papers like punch, hint, daily day etc. The head office is located Ikeja Lagos and its factory is located at Ohaji.



Adapalm Nigeria limited is a manufacturing company that deals on the manufacturing of palm oil. It is formally a private limited liability company but recently bought by the new Governor of imo state known as His Excellency Rochas Okorocha. This company is presently known as imo palm. It is located at Ohaji in owerri imo state.



The study shows some problems which some selected organization in imo state are undergoing as a result of total quality management (TQM) this includes the following:

  • Low productivity and decline in profit level of the organization: The improper implementation of TQM in some selected organization in imo state may have greatly affected the profit ability of the organization which resulted in low productivity.
  • Poor management styles: The problem may have linked due to the nature of management style amongst the selected organization in imo state that are manufacturing oriented and not customers oriented and not customers oriented were customers oriented is the core of the TQM concept.
  • Inadequate re-orientation program for employees attitude through total quality management training and on the job work study improvement.
  • How level of motivation and better working environment for the workers in imo state has adversely affected the proper implement of TQM amongst the selected organization.



The objectives of the study are:

  1. To explain concept TQM
  2. To identify TQM
  • To determine the common types of quality control techniques adopted to same organization.
  1. To determine who shall be responsible for setting and monitoring performance standard in the organization
  2. To find out how TQM has enhanced organizational effectiveness.



The following research questions will be of great help for collecting relevant data for research work. The questions are also related to the purpose of this study.

  • What are the common objectives of total quality management
  • How does the concept of total quality management work
  • How relevant is total quality management to your organization
  • Who and what defined quality in your organization
  • In what ways has total quality management affected your organization
  • What are the tools techniques of achieving total quality management in an organization
  • When is the best time to stand the concept of total quality management in an organization.

In ensure research work is aimed at serving certain significant in relation to individual group, an organization, student, further researchers etc.

This study is of immense important to an organization development because they will be better equipped to reap praise and recognize their packages for the manufacturing of their product

It is important to individual because it will help them to point out their opportunities and weakness within their environment.


They study would be significant to who might wish to use it as a basis for further research. It would serve as a source of information to students.



The main intention of the study is to focus on the implementation of TQM in selected organization in imo state. This focus is to check quality control of incoming materials and components to the manufacturing industry.



In the study the researcher was confronted with a lot:

  • Financial constraints: The transportation cost involved at the course of collecting the materials and photocopying the materials was really different for the researcher financial level.
  • Time constraints: All the courses of carrying the research, the researcher was faced with time constraints due to some academic work loads like test, assignments and examination which imposed lack of opportunity for the researcher to take all the necessary steps in the findings of the research.



EFFECTIVENESS: The process of producing the result that is wanted or intending producing a successful result

PRODUCTIVITY: The rate at which a worker, company or a country produces goods and the amount produced compared with how made time, work and money needed to produce them.

CUSTOMER: A person or an organization that buy something or commodity from shop or anyone who receives from someone else is known as customer

TOOLS: The word “Tool” in this research work means those encourage and incentive which are used to increase the performance of workers towards ensuring that they do not form or develop cold feet in the working environment.

ORGANIZATION: A group of people who form a business or come together in order to achieve a particular goal or aim.

MOTIVATION: Influencing somebody to behave in a particular way is known as motivation.

TQM: Total Quality Management is the continuous improvement of organization process resulting in high quality products and services.


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Full Project – Total Quality Management (TQM) as a Tool for Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness