Full Project – The impact of planning and control on the performance of a manufacturing enterprise

Full Project – The impact of planning and control on the performance of a manufacturing enterprise

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This research work, the impact of planning and control on the performance of a manufacturing enterprise. This study is focused on Nigeria Brewery Plc Ikeja Lagos state. The study covers five chapters, Chapter one introduces the subject matter and spells out the significance of the study. Chapter two make criteria review of the current literature on the subject matter. The third chapter presents the methods of data collections, chapter four shows the presentations and the analysis of the data collected from the respondents. The fifth chapter shows the summary, recommendation and conclusion. The population for this study comprises of fifty staffs of Nigeria Brewery, the researcher randomly selects fifty staffs as the sample size. The hypothesis formulated of his study includes: H0: Effective production planning and control do not enhance organizational productivity. H1: Effective production planning and control enhance organizational productivity. Data collected were presented and analyzed in a tabular form using frequency distribution and their relative percentage are show. The test instrument is the  chi-square (×2).. It was further tested with the use of chi-square and hypothesis was confirmed.



1.0               INTRODUCTION.


This work is focused on the impact of planning and control on the performance of a manufacturing enterprise, using Nigerian brewery Ikeja Lagos as a case study.  Since organizations are formed to achieve specific goals and objectives, materials planning and control are used to achieve the objectives of the organization in this study. Materials are one of the most important components if the business is to be in existence.

Therefore, there should be a proper and accurate plan in the procurement, issue, replenishment, storage and control of all materials. Planning is inescapable in the life of an organization and to achieve this the study look at the following: Introduction, background of the study, statement of problem, research question e.t.c in chapter one, chapter two talk about literature review, while Data analysis, presentation, design and collection are issues to see in chapter three, whereas chapter four give detailed analysis of chapter three with the use of questionnaires and chapter five being the last chapter discuss all the findings, conclusion and recommendation of the entire study. All this can be achieve if the organization  involves the establishment of objectives and its formulation, evaluation and selection of the policies, strategies, tactics and actions required to achieve the stated objective. Control therefore, is concerned with the efficient use of resources to achieve a previously determined objective.

Materials cover a wide range of items depending on the nature of the activities carried on by an organization. Materials can take the forms such as raw materials, which are needed to produce a finished product, Work-In-Progress, which refers to semi-produced raw material at a particular point in time, component piece parts, for assembly into finished product, finished products for use or sale, indirect materials for use by one or more cost centers of an organization.  Whatever the nature of the organization, materials are required, obtained, stored and used to achieve its objectives.

Materials planning and control is the system that ensures the provision of the required quantity and quality of materials, at the required time at the least possible cost. Materials represent an important asset and are the largest single item of cost in every manufacturing business and in almost every organization.

According to Lucey (2002), more than 40% of the total manufacturing cost represents material cost.  The success or failure of a business concern may depend largely on efficient material procurement, storage, utilization and accounting.

According to Cooper (2002), efficient materials control eliminates losses and other forms of waste that usually pass unnoticed. Theft, breakage, deterioration and the use of excessive floor space can be reduced to the barest minimum through proper materials controls.

The inability of some organizations to establish good material planning and control as regards the raw materials, makes it difficult for them to work, produce effectively and efficiently to achieve the expected returns.  It is a surprise how such organizations survive for a long term under this condition.

Efficient materials planning   and control guarantees efficient productivity which will in turn create the room for higher return, leading to a significant growth of the enterprise.


There  is a common problems in the brewery industry,(Nigeria Brewery PLC inclusive) which hampers the effective and efficient movement of the company products from one point of production to the final consumer, this is the problem of physical distribution which if not attended to may be a bailer to a company efforts to satisfy it’s customer as well as meeting it marketing goals and objectives when consumer are not well linked through an organizational distribution channel the problem of where,when at, what price the company products will be available will be difficult to ascertain. The problems to be addressed includes:

  1. Lack of storage facilities
  2. Location of  raw materials

iii. Store man pilferage and materials issues

  1. Improper valuation and accounting for materials.
  2. High cost of maintaining stock.


The general objectives of the study is to examine the influence of inventory planning and control on the organizational performance of the selected Nigerian manufacturing company.

The specific objectives of the study are:

  1. Review adequate recording of inventory measure of a manufacturing company as reqard production,
  2. Examine the effectiveness of inventory control and profit/sales volume of the selected Nigerian manufacturing company,

iii.      Investigate how to improve material planning and control system on performance.

  1. emphasize the need of availability of adequate raw materials to ensure an effective, efficient and uninterrupted flow of production.


This study will be of major significance to the following people: The producer/manufacturer in knowing the benefits of efficacy of material planning and control how it contributes to the growth and development of an organization.

Researcher, in the field for knowledge increment and application and serve as partial fulfilment for award of HND certificate.

Other organization, it will help the organization and even households to appreciate the benefit accurable from the effective and sufficient application/adoption of planning  and control.


For the purpose of this research the following research questions were formulated:

  1. What inventory recording system has has the NBL put in place for production?
  2. How will effective inventory control and the profit/sales volume of the selected Nigerian manufacturing company give performance?

iii.      What is material planning and control becomes a measure of performance a manufacturing company?

  1. How Will availability of adequate raw materials ensure an effective, efficient and uninterrupted flow of production?


The following null hypothesis were formulated and tested:

Ho:     There is  no significance relationship between effective inventory control on the profit/sales volume of the selected Nigerian Manufacturing company.

Ho:    material planning and control has no relationship with the performance of a manufacturing company.

Ho:    Availability of raw materials has no relationship with an effective, efficient and uninterrupted flow of production in a manufacturing company.

Ho: Nigeria Brewery limited does not have adequate material management and control.


In this study the researcher will be concentrating mainly on the material planning and control practices in the Nigeria Brewery PLC Lagos. Furthermore, the study will embrace problem of lack of material planning and control on effective production, methodology tools used for data collection and it’s problem. Finally, data analysis and statistical tools, summary and conclusion.


The inference drawn on this study are limited to Nigeria Breweries PLC in Lagos, as requard but can only be adopted for every manufacturing, trading organization and any interested organization that maintain inventory. Not only that there are many problems militated against this research among which includes:

  1. FINANCIAL CONSTRAINT: As earlier noted in this study,money is the starting and ending factor and as such determine the great success of any venture. The researcher was faced with short of fund because of the tight economic situation in the country today.

iI. AVAILABILITY OF RESEARCH MATERIALS: owning to the factor that this is a fresh topic there was no much material available at such the researcher had to go extra miles to sources for material and information.

III. TIME: Inspire of the tight academic schedule the research was yet expected to be carried out within the stipulated time frame.

  1. ATTITUDE OF RESPONDENTS: Some responded were unwilling to provide useful information to the researcher.



Nigerian Breweries PLC the pioneers and largast and fastest brewing company in Nigeria was Incorporated in 1946 and recorded a landmark when the first bottle of STAR larger Beer rolled off the bottling lines in Lagos Brewery in June 1946.This was followed by Aba brewery which was commissioned in 1957, kadauna Brewery in 1993 and lbadan in 1982. In September 1993 , the fifth company in enugu was acquired by the company. This from it’s humble beginning in 194, the company now has five breweries from which high quality products are distributed to all part of this great country.


With above 55,000 shareholders , the authorized share captial of Nigeria Breweries PLC is N 457m sixty-five percent (65%) of the share is held by Nigerian amongst who are company employees of various categories .


Nigeria Breweries PLC has a portfolio of six high quality brands, star larger Beer (1949), caulder larger Beer(1970), maltina (1976), legend extra stout ( 1992), Amstel maite (1994) and the scheweppes range of carbonated soft drink launched in December (1996) . Together the brand have faciliated a strong leadership position in total brewed production market in Nigeria. Nigeria Breweries PLC is a model of success in the private sector, the company of high profile, profitability and successful operations can be traced to good product quality, efficient management of operation and strategic penetration into market environment other proper understanding of consumer attitudes and habits and high social responsibility profile at National and zonal levels.


For the purpose of clarity the following words need definition:

  1. CARRYING COST: the expense associated with holding inventory over a period of time. This includes warehousing cost such as rent, utilities, salaries and financial cost such as opportunity t cost and inventory cost related to perishability , shrinkages and insurance.
  2. FINISHED GOODS: goods that are ready for consumption but have not yet been sold or distributed to the end user.
  3. ECONOMIC ORDER QUANTITY: ordering quantity which minimized the balance of cost between inventory holding cost and re-order cost
  4. CONTROL: checking current performance against predetermined standard contained in the plans ,with viiew to ensure adequate progress and satisfactory performance.


Baridam,M.D (2001) Research Methods in Administration Science 3rd Edition.Port-harcurt: Sherbrooke Associates.


Ndagi D.O ( 1984) essential For Research Methodology For Nigeria Educators Ibandan, University of lbadan press.


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Full Project – The impact of planning and control on the performance of a manufacturing enterprise