Full Project – The impact of employee participation in decision making on the organization’s productivity

Full Project – The impact of employee participation in decision making on the organization’s productivity

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Employee participation is creating an environment in which people have an impact on decision and action that affects their job decision making is a major responsibility of all administrators. It is the process of choosing from among alternative course of action.

It is also the process by which decisions are not arrived at but implemented (Ukeji et al, 1992). In line with submission above Miskel (1992) assert that until decision making is converted into action. It is only a good intervention.

A decision is the result of deliberation, calculation and thoughtful response to internal and external condition of the environment. Decision reflects the organization plans and the totality of decision gives direction to the organization. Decision making is one of the basic functions of the manager. It is the major function of administration or manager when at every state of management process; he makes choice among alternative course of action. The relevance of decision making to any organization is captured by the above emphasis as much as we know, Nigeria id blessed with a lot of human and material resources that is expected to make the running conditions of the Nigeria to be above the poverty level.

The influence of the decision made by administrators which are the manager of these resources goes a long way to see how the resources can achieve their importance. The problem of wrong decision making on the good policies of the government makes the rural dealer to suffer untold hardship. The basic amenities that they supposed to get. They are deprived of it because of wrong decision influenced by corruption party, mismanagement, misappropriation resulting from political influence.


Decision making is one thing that individual and organization are involved in what happened at any point in time is as a result of once decision or the other. We have observe that despite the good policies and funds that are coming to the public service, we do not feel the impact on the local people. This study, therefore, will look at the decision making process. The public service have seen what the problem is, we will examine the factors affecting the decision of the public services. If they are that of wrong decision of the influence of the state and the federal government on the public services.


The study has been designed to identify how decision making is carried in public services, the importance of decision cannot be over emphasized because all the resources of the organization will not be well managed without good decision on the part of the decision makers.

  1. To enable the public service, administrator to appreciate their roles as development agent and to make good decision that will improve their services.
  2. To help various interest group or manager to know the relevant of decision making.
  3. To determine the factors that is affecting the decision of the public services.
  4. It helps to determine the rules guiding the organization or public service.



The following involved research question which are formulated to guide the study.

  1. To what extend are the subordinates involved in decision making?
  2. In what ways does decision making process affect the public service of the organization?
  3. Does decision making process influence public service?
  4. To what factor does decision making process influence public service?
  5. To what extent does decision making improved in public service in an organization?

This study will enable the public and the employee to know why development rate in the organization is what it is. It will also help the leaders of the organization to know how they can improve on their decision making. It enables he managers to know that a good decision is not good when it has not been expressed in development project for benefit of the organization.

The study will also encourage prospective leaders (managers), future researchers and it will be a service of knowledge to students.


The studies have some limitations in areas of attitude of some of the respondents to the questionnaire, some did not respond to all the questions.

There was also a limitation in the area of understanding because some of the ways the questionnaire were ticked shows that they don’t understand the question asked. Lastly, some of the questions were not returned.



Decision Making: This means choosing from among alternative course of action.

Implementation: This is the carryout what have been chosen or putting a decision into action.

Administration: This is the organization and direction of human and material resources to achieve desired ends.

Administrators: This is the people that have the responsibility of management, directly or controlling the activities of others to achieve the organization goals.

Employee/Worker: For the purpose of this study a worker is taken to mean any person who has undertaken to place his gainful activity in return for a remuneration, under the direction of another person who may be an individual, a private or public company or a corporation, who is styled the employer. (Akpala 1990)

Productivity: The output per unit of a factor of production is called the “productivity” of that factor. Imaga (1996) An organization’s ability to transform inputs to output at the lowest possible cost is its productivity, Unamka & Ewurum (1995).



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Full Project – The impact of employee participation in decision making on the organization’s productivity