Full Project – The impact of effective personal management policy on workers productivity

Full Project – The impact of effective personal management policy on workers productivity

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In recent years management, workers are been blamed and people always see the policies of the organization as a factor that will hardly impact on the productivity. On the other hand, it is not always easy and common to consider that the policies formulated for different departments in the organization can turn out to influence the output of the resources. For example, it is common in many firms this days to observe disagreement between the management and workforce both in public and private sector where several working hours wasted on strikes and industrial actions, it happens in order to find the cause of the problem and remedy the situation.

In most cases, organization were set out for objective to be varying, professionally, formulated and strategically outlined to facilitate the survival and growth of the organization. It occurred that some organization of the expertise progresses for many years while others had difficulties in their early stages and success in failure.

Therefore, it is now understandable that management uses workforce to achieve the objective and workforce need to be adequately considered in any type of policy formulation. The policy ensures the growth and development of employees, satisfy their needs and create an enabling environment that would motivate the employees to be serious in their job for the achievement of positive results. Though personnel policy does not necessary based on making employee happier, sensitive or better people in any way, they rather involves full realization of undertaking human resources and basic philosophies with appropriate to encourage employees to high level of productivity which is a critical factor in organizational growth.

Detail analysis of the causes of the various conflicts between management and employees in the past unfolds inequality and disagreement between employees and management, in some part of the personnel policies of the organization. These are the consideration from the basis of this research which centered on personnel policies and impact on employees productivity.


In February 1995, Colgate-Palmolive acquired a majority share in international equitable association Ltd and made it a subsidiary of the multinational company and with the entry of Colgate the manufacturing process and machine was upgraded thus increases output. Some new products like Axiom dish washing paste, Ajax sourcing powder and protex-antibacterial soap were introduced in the several products that the company is producing. At this point, Colgate gave Brian Munro the sole right to market Palmolive. In addition, the company imported other popular products such as Colgate subsidiaries.

In 1998, the company posted a turnover of about eight hundred million naira as capital by the combination of ill luck, distracted; the management out of the poor understanding of the local market, the company lost it gory for good two years. There was almost a complete loss of market, share and by the end of 1999, the turnover was struggling to reach two billion naira as a result of this development, there was chaos as minor, shareholders and major shareholders. These minor shareholders could not perform up to expectation which result to the reselling of the company to Brain Munro by Colgate Palmolive heralding the rising of new lease of hope to the numerous Nigerians, the company provides source of livelihood, since then the company started making profit and has the ability to pay the shareholders their dividends. The company has an installed capacity of producing 3000 tons of soap per month which is about 67% and 11 tons of detergent per day which is about 85% presently the international Equitable Association Nigeria Limited has about 317 Staff in the Company.



The management of organization aim to increase employee productivity while in the minds of the employees is how to better their service condition. This twin variable bothers on the nature of organizations personnel policies. Many organizations formulate their personnel policy in a way that the management is favoured highly at the detriments of the operative employees. The provision of these policies is in such a way that even the government employment legislation frowns, but the top management of the organization will never want to listen, but if one employee goes away there are about hundred of them applying for employment. This ugly situation cause job mobility, career change in the firm, as well affects economy as a whole. Nigeria economy and employees are always afraid of suspension or dismissal, because when they are afraid of opposing most of the unflavored policies, some unpatriotic union leaders will collect bribe and misdirect them.

This does not necessary mean that the employees are completely overcome, but since they are main employees they can influence, the total productivity of the organization and pre-determine the objective because they are not fully considered and compensate, which will result to certain unethical practices like waste of materials, lateness to work, absenteeism and this issues have direct relationship with management techniques and personnel functions. However, the above problem of this study led to the following research questions.


  1. To establish the adequate relationship between management techniques and personnel functions in the organization.
  2. To identify the problems associated with personnel policy formulation, interpretation and execution.
  3. To make useful recommendation based on the finding of the study
  4. To find ways and strategies through which such problems can be solved.


  1. The operational procedure, is it in live with policy provision
  2. What is the relationship between personnel policy and employ productivity
  • Should employees take part in personnel policy formulation
  1. How can the impact of personnel policy on the employee’s productivity be determined?

The significance of the study lies on the finding and recommendation of the research. The researcher believes that the corporate entities, professional researchers even the ordinary would benefit from this study. On the part of corporate executives, it will provide a basis for decision making regarding management techniques and personnel functions. 


Furthermore, it will reveal the relationship between functions and management techniques applied. It will equally provide information and guideline fir government and its agencies regarding policy, formulation at the national level. Move so, it will provide material data and information for academic work and the researcher believes that if the recommendations of this study are used by the affected sectors, there must be positive changes in favor of the organization and the employees.



Many factors came up against this study most of them were controlled and others managed as they occur. The prominent among these factors are:

  1. Time factor
  2. Financial constraint

The time scheduled for this study appears to be short and inadequate in considering other semester work, which denied the researcher enough time for the study. Again the researcher made several traveling and visited libraries in the causes of secondary data collection which involved must money that means inadequate finance affects the work.



The study covers all personnel management policy on workers productivity from the origin to present day. This is because the study includes personnel management function which is the simple emotional work in the earlier period of the industrial revolution.



For the purpose of this research work, the following terms are hereby defined:

  1. Motivation: Motivation concerns itself with management behaviour action, environment or incentive, which enables the worker to willingly seek responsibility and carry out his task, satisfactorily.
  2. Organization: An organization is the structure of the relationship, power, objectives, roles, activities, communities and other factors that exist when persons work together.
  • Personnel management: The recruitment of able people into the public service, challenge them with meaningful work and keep them satisfied with their job.
  1. Discipline: Discipline mean orderliness the opposite confusion, it is a fundamental requirement for people working in a plant just as it is for other segments of society.
  2. Public policy: Public policy refers to as governmental actions taken to vote the general public interest.
  3. Administration: Administration is defined as the organization and direction of persons in order to accomplish a specified goal.
  • Leadership: Leadership is the behaviour of an individual when he is directing the activities of a group towards a shaved goal.

International equitable association Nigeria limited was found on the twenty fifth February nineteen-fifty two by Mr. P.B. Nicholas who was a Greek born industrialist. The company was then called Nicholas soap, industry and it started operation with an initial capital base, about twenty thousand pounds, staff strength of about twenty. The average production was 100 cartons of soap per day, the main product then was the truck bar soap.

In 1992 he sold foreign equity of the company to a British company called Brian Munro. They managed the company for two years i.e 1992 – 1994 within the two years the company fortunes hit the roof. The turnover and the profit after tax was very high. The major brand names produced by the company was the Green truck bar, Artemis toilet soap, appopolio detergent, house soap appolio liquid soap, Green truck table soap, yellow truck bar and table soaps and Palmolive soap, antitheses are being produced under licenses by the company, international equitable association went ahead to open there other branches in some other states like Lagos, Kano, Sokoto, in order to increase the distribution of the products



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Full Project – The impact of effective personal management policy on workers productivity