Full Project – Relevance of manpower development to Nigeria’s public organizations

Full Project – Relevance of manpower development to Nigeria’s public organizations

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  • Introduction

The role and importance of human resources in the long term in ability of any business or non-profit making enterprises cannot be overemphasized. Although other resources such as financial information physical are also essential but human resource are virtually boundless in the potential impact of the organization. Manpower is the basis of all resources use and it is the indispensable means of converting other resources to mankind’s use and benefits. So how well we develop and employ human resources skills in fundamental in deciding how much will accomplish as a nation manpower is plot of every human institution. Even in he develops and industrial nation of the world where the use of machines and technology is at an advanced stage, manpower is still very essential. Organization today face many challenge in the management of their human resources-challenge that ranges from constant change in organizational environment, through unmotivated work force to shortage of skills manpower even in the face of heavy unemployment syndromes. In the word of Onan (2003) what sets most successful organization apart is how they manage human resources. In the private sector the ability to achieve and sustain competitive advantage lies within the workforce without exception what keeps executives up a thing are decisions about human resources that are rather difficult and delicate how to control labors Costa, while still treating people fairly. Those challenges depend on the pressure organization face. This no doubt that in this advanced age to development and technological break through manpower must be developed to meet the challenges of modern technology. Trained and well developed manpower is the essential ingredient for efficiency and effectiveness in any human organization

  • Background of the study.

Planning is an inescapable part of all rational human activity because of its importance to organization planning process has become refined and structured in order business efficiency. Planning encompasses all aspects of business actions that would enable it to survive, attain growth, promote industrial efficiency maximize the wealth of shareholder and enjoy profitability. Planning helps to provide direction and it occupies a major part of the time of some most respected men in business. The board objective of a business, the product to be manufactured fixed assets to be purchased on lease, profit to be earned human capital requirement, and the social objective to employees and consumers are all matters which should receive attention in planning (Betty 1995). Manpower planning focuses on the determination of the scope of the business and labour requirement it focuses on selection and recruitment of the appropriate labour forces to fill the vacancies required in a business. It considers the recruitment of complete labour to take control of some aspects of the business operation, man power planning takes consideration of the planning for the selection, recruitment and placement of some workers in an industrial establishment. The manpower planning in its entire ramification aims at ensuring that an organization reacts to its internal and external environment which it has and will be required to enable the members and qualities of people who will be required to enable the undertaken to achieve output whether I terms of goods or services, within whatever cultural constraints which may be imposed on it. It also aims at matching on a continuous basis, the characteristics background, experience and professional competence.

Determining the appropriate manpower matrix that would be used for business operation for some period, problem associated with selection, recruitment and placement of staff and the impact in enhancing business efficiency.

1.2 Statement of the problem

The study on the impact of developing manpower planning in an organization would specifically address the following problems of determining the appropriate manpower requirement in business organizations, their individual background, experience and professional competence. Determining the appropriate manpower matrix that would be used for business operation for some periods, problems associate with selection, recruitment and placement of staff and their impact in enhancing business efficiency.

1.3 Hypothesis

The following were prevented to enable as examined the validity of the researchers claims on the issue involved in this study.

Ho:. Hull hypothesis

Hi:. Alternative hypothesis




Ho: there is no significance role and importance, human resources play in enhancing manpower need of a business.

Hi: there is significant role and importance, human resources play I enhancing manpower need of a business.

Hypothesis Two

Ho: Staff planning and care development do not have impacts in enhancing organization manpower requirement.

Hi: Staff training and career development have impact in enhancing organizational manpower.

Hypothesis Three

Ho: the act of sourcing of competent staff to be hired for sensitive position is not significan5t on organization manpower planning.

Hi: The act of sourcing for competent staff to be hired for sensitive position is significant on organization manpower planning.


The objectives of the study are stated below as follows:

  1. To examine the value and importance of human resources paly in propelling business enterprise.
  2. To examine thoroughly the necessary steps involved in developing manpower planning and its value in enhancing performance.
  • To investigate and evaluate the importance of adequate selection recruitment and staffing in business and how it would enhance business efficiency.
  1. To examine and why an organization should develop its man power requirement before actual recruitment and how it should contribute in achieving effective manpower needed of a firm    through efficient manpower planning.
    • Significance of the study.

The study on the subject under consideration is quite significant to the student research. It would afford her the opportunity to study, examine, evaluate and present to the reader of the materials. The impact of developing manpower plan in an organization

The study will also make many to understand why many organizations require embarking on developing their manpower requirement for the successful growth is performance of the organization.

The study would be the source of information and the basis of further study on the issues relating to manpower planning in business enterprises.

  • Scope of the study

The scope of this work is on Kogi state confluence Transport Corporation. I would examine the impact of manpower planning in organization effectiveness with the company’s head office as our reference point it major business is on organization and transportation of passengers from their base to their destination.

  • Limitation of the study

The study has some limitation and constraints that intended to frustrate the successful implementation of this study.

Data constraints was one major problem, I was unable to collect all the necessary data required form the Kogi state confluence transport corporation, office. Their staff failed to corporate with the researcher for information the time to articulate this thesis was as sudden for us as our Exam was on course work and assignment during this time.

Another constraint faced by the researcher was in the issues of finance to run around from school to Lokoja to make research.

  • Definition of Key words.

The special terms used in the study are hereby presented: Recruitment: the act of employing personnel in a business.

Human resources: human capital selection, the process of selecting prospective applicants in business for employment purpose.

Interview: a formal meeting with candidates to ascertain by Questioning and discussing his or her suitability for a post.

Manpower planning: that which dwell on future human resources requirements of the organization.


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Full Project – Relevance of manpower development to Nigeria’s public organizations