Full Project – Impact of electronic data processing on business organization efficiency

Full Project – Impact of electronic data processing on business organization efficiency

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This research work evaluates the impact of electronic data processing on business organization efficiency in Kogi State. Data processing is any computer process that converts data into information. The processing is usually assumed to be automated and running on a mainframe, minicomputer, microcomputer or personal computer. Because data are most useful when well presented and actually information, data processing systems are often referred to as information systems to emphasize their practically (Akpan, 2008) nevertheless, both terms are roughly synonyms, performing similar conversion, data as input to produce information as output

To better market their profession, a business organization computer programmer or systems analyst that might once have referred, such as during the 1970’s to the computer systems that they produce as data processing systems that they produce as data processing systems more often than not nowadays refers to the computer systems that they produce by some other term that includes the word information, such as information systems or management information systems (Akpan, 2008)

Over the past century the traditional office has changed dramatically. New technologies such as telecommunication, computers, the internet and many others have improved office efficiency. Many companies today are still stuck in the paper world when it comes to regulated document, it estimate that 80% of all business information is stored solely on paper. This is mainly because there are often significant technical, financial and operational barrier to overcome when implementing electronic document management systems but there are also significant benefits to had once these systems are in place (Bordens and Abbott, 2002).

In the context of data processing, data are defied as numbers. A single datum is a single measurement from the real world. Measured information is then algorithmically derived and logically deduced or statistically calculated from multiple data. Information is defined as either a meaningful answer to a query or a meaningful stimulus that can cascade into further queries.

More generally, the term data processing can apply to any process that coverts data from one format to another, although data conversion would be more logical and correct term. From this perspective, electronic data processing becomes. The process of converting of data back into information in the form of a string of characters forming a sentence in English is converted or encoded from a keyboards key presses as represented by hard ware oriented integer codes into ASC 11 integer codes after which it may be more easily processed by a computer not as merely raw, amorphous integer data but as a meaningful characters in a natural language set of graphemes and finally converted or decoded to be displayed as characters, represented by a font on the computer display.

In that example, we can see the stage by stage conversion of the presence of and then absence of electrical conductivity in the key press and subsequent release at the keyboard from raw substantially meaningful integer hardware oriented data to evermore the human being (Bordens and Abbott, 2002).

In an evolving Nigerian business industry, strategies are being adopted by the major players in order to achieve their long-term organizational goals profitability and survival. In the light of this belief, much emphasis is being laid o computerization of their operations. Within the last decade, the Nigeria business industry has been at the forefront of computerization. This is well the aim of improving their information system, delivery of efficient and high quality service to their customers (Dix on Ogbechi, 2002).

In the advert of electronic data processing, old generation business outfits were force to wake up from their slumbers and face reality. The new generation business organization came into the industry with innovation, research and development in order to push these less competent old ones out of business. This revolution was aided by computerization. It is very pertinent to state that computerization of data processing is a very powerful weapon which can be employed to annihilate competitors. The business organization to persistently remained vibrant (Dix-Ogbechi, 2002).

It is globally belief that the computers are able to provide useful information if properly fed with a reasonable input or it will result in “Garbage in garbage out”. The use of computer to carry out a very wide range of activities for work, study and leisure has become part of our everyday life. It is no longer something that you may want to use if you are interested rather like motor car it is an essential part of our lives. We are constantly told that anyone can use a computer and to some extent. This is true, as we become more and more upon technology, this will not be enough. Computer in commercial and industrial setting have been around for several decades.

Nothing new about that, what is new however is the availability of computing power at modest cost to managers and workers throughout business organizations in Nigeria?

Meanwhile, this study is embarked on to assess the impact of electronic data processing on business organization efficiency in Kogi state using Bamise printing press, Lokoja-Kogi state case study.


Modern technology have brought about the use of computer system in all areas of our human endeavors in Nigeria and other African countries workers sees this as an attempt to replace them and to result them into mass retrenchment or loss of their jobs. They always believe that where computers are installed for data processing and other business activities will require less human effort to perform the desired operation.

The problem of this study however includes:

  1. The need to protect against data loss through power failure and the danger of hackers stealing data.
  2. Computer fraud is a lot a concern for who has access to the information particularly customer information. If there is a security breach and data is stolen management ca be held personally liable for the loss of data has been correctly entered into the system as a mistake in data entry can throw off a whole set of data.
  • Another problem is the displacement of human labor with computer thereby creating mass unemployment to the teaming population in the country.

The broad objective of this research work is to ascertain the impact of electronic data processing on business printing press Lokoja, Kogi state as case study. The specific objectives of the research work include;

  1. To examine the impact of electronic data processing on business organization efficiency of Bamise printing press Lokoja.
  2. To determine whether business organization in Kogi state can survival without the application of computers in her day to day operations.
  • To ascertain the challenge faced by business organization in their electronic data processing for efficient performance.
  1. To make suggestions for handling challenges associated with electronic data processing for business organizations efficiency in Kogi state.
  1. What is impact of electronic data processing on the business efficiency of Bamise printing press Lokoja?
  2. Can business organizations in Kogi state survive without the application of computer in her day-day operations?

iii.      What are the challenges faced by business organizations in their electronic data processing for efficiency performance?

  1. What suggestions can be made for handling the challenges associated with electronic data processing for business organizations efficiency in Kogi state?

Most business organizations have growth and continually as part of their objectives and such objectives are best realized by an efficient management as well as effective electronic data processing system. This has made it possible for them to gain inherent advantage while minimizing risks involved in their daily operations. This research project will therefore be of immense advantage or benefit to the management of Bamise printing press, Lokoja in the following ways;

  1. Speedy and accurate decision making in the organization.
  2. Improvement in the delivery and quality service.
  3. The organizations profitability will be improved.

Secondly, in the realm of academic, the project will be very useful to wide audience as it applies to courses in business administration banking and finance as well as executive development courses management seminars and supervisory workshop conducted in colleges, polytechnics and universities.


The scope of this project was focused on the most sophisticated methods of data processing which is the electronic data processing. This would equally help us to make comparisons between electronics data processing and method that is more conventional. The study covered the impact of electronic data processing on Bamise organization efficiency in Kogi state with specific reference to Bamise printing press Lokoja, Kogi state.


In a bid to keep the research work within a manageable limit in terms of time and financial constraints, the research work will be limited to Bamise printing press, Lokoja. Hence, the limitations of this study are:

SECRETARY MAINTENANCE: It is pertinent to state that business organizations have a discrete nature of not divulging sensitive information about their scale of operation and this has served as a limiting factor. The problem of bias on the part of the respondents might serve as a limiting factor.

TIME: The time provided for which the profit work is expected to be complete was not enough for the researcher to go to all the relevant place he intend to visit to get relevant information due to the combination of project work with academic work within the brief time available.

LACK OF COOPERATION: Lack of desired cooperation from some respondents by withholding some needed information concerning their type of jobs limited the scope of this research work to the content there in.

Despite these factors, efforts will be made to obtain the much needed information to carry this research work and the conclusion drawn to be incisive.


APPLICATION PACKAGES: These are computer programmes written for the purpose of carrying out specific task for individuals or organization with similar or related needs.

COMPUTER: Computer is an electronic device that is capable of accepting data as input, process the data and finally provide information as output. It also stores and analyzes information fed into it, for calculating or controlling in machinery automatically.

COMPUTER NETWORK: This is the ability of several computers to communicate with each other. It also links a number of computers for the purpose of communication and for sharing of common data files and peripherals.

COMPUTER TRENDS: According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (2017). Computer trends are changes or evaluation as in the ways that computer are being used which become widespread and integrated unit popular thought with regard to these system

COMPUTER SERVICES: This is the system of data processing where all of the equipment employed operates electronically.

PROGRAM: Program is the set of instruction that direct and control the operation of the computer hardware.

SOFTWARE: Software is the invisible component that cannot be seeing physically by the user of the system.


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Full Project – Impact of electronic data processing on business organization efficiency