Full Project – Evaluating the impact of conflict resolution on employees performance in an organization

Full Project – Evaluating the impact of conflict resolution on employees performance in an organization

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         Conflicts are inevitable part of organization life since the goal of different stakeholders such as manager and staffs are often incompatible. Conflict is an unpleasant fact in any organization as long as people compete for job, resources, power recognition and security. Conflict can be seen as dispute that occurs when interest, goal or values of different individual or group are incompatible for each other.

This result to a situation whereby they frustrate each other in an attempt to achieve objective, conflict arise in group because of the scarcity of freedom, position and resources people who have value independence and to some extent, conformity within group of people who seek power therefore struggle with others for status within the group.

There is no organization either private or public that operates in a vacuum, the existence of an organization depends on the individual working in it once these element that exist in an organization view thing from different angles. There are bound to be understanding these element include the employer (management) and worker (employees) conflict is a part of organization life and may occur between individual and also between group e.tc

While conflict is generally prescribed as dysfunctional it can also be beneficial because it may cause issue to be presented indifferent perspective. Conflict has both positive and negative impacts unfortunately the term ‘conflict’ has only the combination of ‘bad’ for many people  so much as that as that they principally in term of suppr4ession giving little or no attention to its more position side.

According to Pondy he stated that the presence of conflict will indicate democracy, growth, itself actualization and diversify.

Furthermore, conflicts is considering physiological and provide a breather for frustration and enable a feeling of participation and even of joy. And it is sociable healthy because it encourage opposition for social chances and democracy steaming from pluralism to diversity.

Therefore conflict according, to Rico is ubiquitous not necessarily dysfunction and can be required to defy peoples to perform in an organization by using AJEKO MIRO FINANCEBANK LokojaKogi state as a case study. It investigate the personal characteristic of the respondents, their views about conflict, factor that cause conflict as well as strategies for managing and resolving conflict to improve employees performance and positively. The research aims at generating data that will embrace the understanding of conflict resolution and how it can be managed



The evaluation of conflict resolution of conflict on employee performance in an organization is a major concern. If the management handles it properly it will bring about productivity to the organization but the problem is that the strategies to solve the conflict on employee performance are a big problem that the management struggle with.

The fact that boasting the performance of employees in a workplace but plan as put in palace realizes it. The implementation of it is the problem in reference to Ajeko Micro finance bank LokojaKogi State.



Those problems his stated has follows:

  1. Conflict bring about misunderstanding between one another in an organization example conflict that occur between the management and workers
  2. Conflict affects the productivity of goods and service, when there is conflict in a workplace it will totally affect these productivity of their works and
  3. Conflict reduce the employee performance and moral in a situation in an organization where there is conflict it breaks the lows of communication in various department in an organization



         The broad objectives of the study is to evaluate the impact of conflict resolution on employees performance in an organization with reference to Ajeko Micro finance bankLokojaKogi State.

Other specific purposes are:

  1. To examine the impact of conflict on employee performance in an organization
  2. To determine the positive and negative effect of conflict on the optimum performance of workers in an organization.
  3. To identify solution to the root cause of conflict within worker in anorganization
  4. To identify solution to the root causes recommend possible ways ofaccomplishing a positive position.
  5. To proffer solutions to the root causes and recommend possible ways of accomplishing positive position.




The research hypothesis is a definite statement or ideal or suggestion whose or practicability can be tested through a scientific method. It is a declarative statement of prediction meant to help in the declaration of research questions

Hypothesis deals with the making  of a statement of a  guess at about the relationship between to happening events in which we are into categorically sure of what we are saying, we have two hypothesis namely the Null hypothesis and the alternatives hypothesis. The Null hypothesis id donated by Ho that shows a significance difference between two variables.

The alternatives hypothesis: it specifies any of the possible conditions not hypothesis in the null hypothesis donated by Hi to ensure effective study of these phenomena, the following hypothesis are bring put forward.

Ho: conflict do not relate to resource mismanagement

Hi: conflict relate to resource management

Ho: collective bargaining is a medium for solving conflict

Hi: avoidance of unnecessary demand does not minimize conflict in an organization.

Hi: avoidance of necessary demand minimizes conflict in an organization



The significance of the study lies on developing a spirit of enquires into some of thecauses ofevaluatingtheperformanceofemployeeinan organization.

These research works whenfinallycompletedwillbeofimmensebenefittothefollowingresearchers

The shareholder: beingthepolicymakertheorganization,thisresearchstudywillassisttoresolveconflictthatmayoccur.

Scholars: This research project is expected to serve as a reference material to scholars and student who might be intersected an embarking on journal,seminars,projectandsoon.



         This research study intends to focus issue of conflict as they affect employeeperformance in an organization however it is limited toAJEKO MICRO- FINANCE BANK LIMITED, LOKOJA. Due to the nature of this project, the scope covers the staff and the management excluding the stakeholder as it relates to the consequence and, managing and resolving conflict in the organization.



         In the process of receiving the purpose of this study, the researcher was faced with some limitation, which includes.

  1. POOR RESPONSES: due to the happening in the country recently some respondents refuse to responses to the researcher enquiry so making the study limited to the few responses collected.
  2. TIME HORIZON: the time available for carrying out this study is very short this affects some areas of this project that need for the investigations.
  3. INADEQUATE DATA: The fact some of the data need for the completion of this work is kept secret from the researcher has equallyconstitute another constraint, the completion of this work depend on finding from the limited data available.
  4. FINANCIAL CONSTRAINT: – the researcher is limited to collecting few data because of no financial backing frompeople around him. All this point explained aboveconstitute the limitation to conduct this work.



  1. CONFLICT: According to Chardan (1987) define conflict as a disagreement between two or moreindividual or group which each individual or group trying to gain acceptance over the other.
  2. COLLECTIVE BARGAINING: collective bargaining as the purpose of arriving or attempting to arrive at a collective agreement.

Also collective bargainingaccording to Date Otobo (1995) defines collective bargaining as a phrase which stand is for or represents the totality of relationship among and between all the actors in the industry.

  1. TRADE UNION: these arerepresentative of employees that negotiate with the management over wages rates and other working condition. According to Sidney and Web. Trade union is any conditions association of wage earners, which the primary purpose of which is the maintenance and improvement of the condition of their working life.

4.PERCEPTION:  this is the level of interpretation of an individual based on what hesee bear, feel, touch and understand.

5.INTEREST: this is the motive and aim of a person or an individual that make pursue certain things

6.PERFORMANCE: this is the feedback of what over an individual lays his hand upon to do.

  1. EMPLOYERSASSOCIATION:- According to William (1992) defines employer association as the association found by employer to defend their interest generallyagainst the trade union and employees in particular.
  2. INDUSTRIAL DISPUTE: this can be defined as disagreement between parties in the industries relations which is connected with employment or non-employment on the condition of work such dispute can be between workersthemselves or between employers or between workers and management.
  3. TERRITORY: – an area responsibility with regards to an particular type of activity.
  4. ROLE AMBIGUITY: it is essentially a negotiation between representative of the two parties to end or resolve conflict.

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Full Project – Evaluating the impact of conflict resolution on employees performance in an organization