Full Project – Effective management for high performance in organizations

Full Project – Effective management for high performance in organizations

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1.0          INTRODUCTION

1.1          Background to the study

Every organization is made up of human and physical resources the resources are brought together in order to accomplish certain objective, task must be technology required must be provided and a structure of relationships must be created. It is sole function of management to determine the best structure that will optimize and utilize the resource this organization is a means of achieving the best result from converted effort, organization deals with people and their relationship.

Organization means a group of people work together in order to achieve desired goals. According to Akpala(2001) organization is a management function of dividing out facilities into element unit for facilitation operation or grouping element the unit into wider sub – systems called department branches or division and placing people or decision makes onto the units created to establishing functional or responsibility and authority relationship between the various units and person holding offices.

Organization entails the assignment of duties and the co-ordinations of effort among all organizational personal to ensure maximum efficiency6 in the attainment of pre – determined objective. Organization structure can be seen as a frame providing a pattern organization. Organization structure has been defined by hurky(2002) as a pattern of relationship among the various people occupies the position.

According to Yode(2003) he said that organization structure is a structure that provides a systematic arrangement of function assignment in which compound part have specialized duties6 all presumably contributing to the overall objectives.

1.2          Statement of the Problem

This study is set out to establish the important function and needs a well defined organization so as to prevent over happing of function in organization. It has been observed that examine how it has been a veritable tool for organization effectiveness.

The poor administration of the reward system has been received to be an obstacle toward the achievement of organization goals and objectives. Employers compliant about poor working attitude and are relatively high demandfor compensation by organization while in the other hand,organization are saying that labors not adequate rewarded, meanwhile scholars have proved after variousanalysis that when then organization management energize the channel theemployee behavior in way that he/she will like to repeat that offered behavior over time to attract more reward in the organization.

1.3          Objective of the Study

This research work hopes to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To determine how organization structure bring efficiency in organization.
  2. To investigate how the structure of an organizational relationship among employees.
  3. To find out how organizational structure enhance effective communication


1.4          Research Question

To achieve the objective of the study the following question will guide theresearcher.

  • Does a well defined organizational structure bring about efficiency
  • Does organizational structure enhance effective communication?
  • Does organizational structure allows works role relationship among then employee.

1.5          Scope of the Study

The geographical coverage this study is limited to IjayeOjokoro Local Government, Lagos State. The study shall review organizational in the Local Government. The researcher was not contained too many problems. The study does not involves much finance or distance problems sincethe study is carried out in the institution where the researcher studies.

1.6          Significance of the Study

This research is very timely especially now that all hands are on deck to enhance the development and growth of education sector in our tertiary institution and education in general.

Banks institution must have an objective in order to justify her existence. This cannot be possible without an effective organization structure through the investigation the management in organization will understand their short coming or work point and will subsequently adopt measure aimed at enhance their goal in achieving their organizational goals. The proper effective structure in management that will enhance organization toward the achievement of their goals.

1.7          Operational Definition of Terms

Organization: This group of people identified by shared interested or purpose.

Structure: This way in which different parts of something linked or work together to achieve a particular goal.

Tool: Something that used as a mean to achieving a particular goal.

Effective: The cause of result especially the achieving a intended result.

Management: This is controlling and organizing of the affairs of a particular business or a particular sector of a business.




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Full Project – Effective management for high performance in organizations