Full Project – Decision making and its impact in an organization

Full Project – Decision making and its impact in an organization

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Manager and non-managers alike involved in decision making.  The number of decision made by an individual in a day along a lifetime is impossible to calculate.  Alternatively, there is the traditional emphasis on what good managers comply.  They are e effectively in planning a broad delegating coordination in staff and organizing, even making profit.  In other words, good manager’s makes good decision that work out to be sensible plans, reasonable delegations and desirable result.

Decision making is the most important of managerial activities is through making and carrying out of decision that organization activity is translated into goal accomplishment and the quality of the decision made is a major factor in determining the success or failure of organization.


For any organization to operate successfully, and effectively, there must be an efficient decision making process.  The central problem area of this study was to examine the general assertion that the existence of a decision making department is vital in every organization:

  1. To what extent this assertion is true.
  2. To the factors responsible for the assertion.
  3. Problems of decision making department from the generalization drawn from Merry Meat Limited.
  4. In what ways the problems generalization drawn from the (Merry Meat Limited) affect employee’s performance.
  5. How the expertise of decision making department can be improved.

Decision making problem’s have long known as the major significant factors in the pursuits for growth in the company’s economic activity.  Some of internal problem associated with decision making in many industries expiated in Merry Meat Limited are decision making on building cost, personnel manpower for casting, decision on quality control inventory, budgetary control, planning and scheduling of work and customer satisfaction.

Most of the problems faced by the company Merry Meat Limited were brought by the prevalent economics situation although; there are some problems that created themselves.

This goes to confirm that the task of making decision in any organization depends to a large extent on the prevalent economic conditions.  So far a decision maker engaged in decision making process if it fall to conceive the environment as an open system with which the satisfying decision maker in a formal organization functions as an essential element receiving input as on the hand and dispersing processed output on the other.

Apart from the internal factors, there are exogenous forces of polities, economic society and technology.  The impact of these forces could bye addressed as political, social and economic factors which militate or rather in most case stands and obstacles in the decision making process in Merry Meat Limited.

The Inability of a company to make effective and efficient decision as well as numerous problems encountered in the decision making process have caused any organization the hold-up.  This research was proposed to examine.  Whether companies can survive, grow and maximize profits by effective and efficient decision making techniques and also look at the likely that arise considering the situation of the company.

This and other factors have necessitated the study to explore ways and area to proper solution in the problems confronting the country in general and Merry Meat Limited in particular so as to lead the economic buoyancy of the nation.



       There is a general view that the success and productivity of any workforce in an organization is tremendously influenced by the effectiveness of the decision made.  With this in mind, the purpose of this research project is to find out the important of decision making in an organization with special reference to the Merry Meet Limited Owerri, with the aim of finding out from the responses collected from it’s staff the extent to why decision making unit on the organization is important.  Other objectives are:

  1. To determine effective techniques and ways of efficient decision in the company (Merry Meat Ltd).
  2. To examine the effect or inadequate decision making on Merry Meat Limited.
  3. To determine ways of increasing quality.


       To achieve the objectives enumerated, answer will be given to the following research question:

  1. How does decision making contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency in the Merry Meat Ltd.
  2. To what extent does decision making provide solutions to business problems?
  3. How does the decision making unit of the organization play it’s role?
  4. How does Merry Meat Ltd make the decision?
  5. Does the top management give support to the decision making?
  6. How do they explain variance assisting from the decision making in the organization?


In essence research work is aimed at serving certain significance.  In relation to individual, group of individual or participant or event.  The significance of this study operation of decision making in an organization, in decision making centre Owerri with view to make new discoveries make some significance contributions to the existing knowledge regarding the subject matter of this research.

Meanwhile, the main significance of this study too, is to increase awareness among the management of indigenous companies of the importance of decision making in an organization.  And also to make them appreciate the need to maximize its benefits while minimizing its pitfalls which justifies its used as a yardstick for determining individual rewards in an organization.

The study is beneficial to all managers both in private and public establishment, Merry Meat Ltd, scholars and the general public.








This study takes as scope of study of decision making and impact in an organization using Merry Meat Limited Owerri as a case study.   The research study will look into the important of decision making.  In an organization with special reference to the Merry Meat Ltd with the sole aim of find out from their response collected from its staff the extent to while decision making unit of the organization is important.



The research paper was written under the influence of a number of obstacles.  One of such is the time limitation available for extensive research work.  Also the research is limited to a small sample.  There is equally non-availability and adequate literature on the topic planning ahead also played a part by limiting the sample size.

Therefore being susceptible factor is obvious that the finding of the paper would leave room for improvement on the work.  Decision making and its impact in an organization.



  • Definition Making: This is a process of choosing among alternatives.  It is a part of our everyday activities.  Decision have to be made concerning what to do, how to do it, when to do it and whom to do it.  Decision making is a basic task of management.
  • Managerial Economic: This is one of the disciplines that are most concerned on how to make a sound decision.  This provide some measures of objectivity in the decision making process.
  • Administrative Decision: These are quite sample straight forward and routine.  They are so-called day to day decision.  According to the new Encyclopedia Britannica volume 3424 of the book define decision making as a term applied to the process of making human choices.  It generally involves determining the problems on the subject from the mass of available information (much of it faulty or irrelevant) and with the use of information what will the most likely outcome should certain decision is then selected for implementation.  According to the contribution of the books, the scope of decision making comprehends the logical, illogical and chanced behaviors of all the people involved in the problems, scope were treated.



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Full Project – Decision making and its impact in an organization